The Chapel was built according to the vision of Saint Marie Alponsine which is in the shape of a monastery surrounded by a rosary, and the lady of the rosary standing in its roof beneath which were 15 floors, and in each window she saw a nun from the nuns of the rosary, on each of their  heads her name as one of the mysteries of the rosary: Mary of the annunciation, Mary of the visit, Mary of the nativity.

Saint Marie Alponsine saw herself in the 10th window with name: Mary of the cross. Above the door of the convent was the lady of the Rosary; she looked at her with compassion and kindness and filled her with joy and light. She realized what had happened to her, her heart melted with love and longed to be understood… 

Mass is held every day with sisters of the convent at 7:00 am in English prayer and in Arabic reading.

Mass is held every Sunday at 10:00 am in English prayer.