The Rosary Congregation was established in Jerusalem in the year 1880 by Mother Marie Alphonsine from Jerusalem and Fr. Yousef Tannous from Nazareth, Chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate, assisted by the then Patriarch Vincent Bracco. 

The Objectives of the Congregation are: 

  • To serve the public through the development of schools and cultural centers. 
  • To serve the public in through the establishment/development of hospitals. 
  • To open Centers for the teaching of tailoring and needle work. 

The Congregation has its doctrinal regulations which are binding to its members in addition to the three vows which are: 

  • The Vow of Chastity, 
  • The Vow of Poverty, and 
  • The Vow of Obedience. 

With these vows the members pledge to be consecrated in full devotion to God and service of the people. 

The Rosary Congregation has been established for service in the Arab Countries only. Over the decades, the Congregation has grown and prospered and now has branches in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Rome, Egypt, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.